Earth Lab Cosmetics

100% Natural Cosmetics

Healthier Skin, Naturally.

Mineral Eye Powders

These brilliant, natural mineral powders are raw pigments!

A little dab gives you unbelievable color! Use them on your eyes, cheeks, lips and even on your nails! Yes, you can create natural non-toxic nail polish with them…   Ask us how!

Loose Mineral Foundation

Earthlab Foundations feel weightless and last all day without any frequent touch-ups. Plus, you’ll benefit from the natural sun protection this formula offers. You’ll enjoy soft even coverage without looking like you’re wearing makeup!


Earthlab’s 100% Natural Mineral Concealer offers flawless coverage without any heavy build up. No one will know you’re wearing it!


From Peach to Light Pink, or Dusty Rose to Deep Mauve, our blushes will brighten your cheeks in a soft, natural way. Earthlab blushes are easily blend able and long-lasting.

Raw Mascara

This all natural, botanical formula glides on effortlessly. No clumping and no flaking! We’re not kidding! Enjoy soft lashes all day long with this conditioning formula. It will make you want to throw your old mascara in the trash! *Contains a natural preservative.

Mineral Pencils

This natural formula glides on soft and smooth. Once applies, enjoy no more smudging! They also wash off easily 0 No makeup remover required!

Natural Lip Gloss

Earthlab also offers silky, smooth, handmade lip gloss in a variety of colors. This paraben-free formula conditions lips. Once applied this gloss doesn’t move. That’s right… No bleeding!

Vegan Brush Set

This 7-piece set is all you’ll need for perfect mineral makeup application. Enjoy super soft synthetic brushes with eco-friendly bamboo handles.

100% Vegan Approved

No Animal Cruelty!

*Includes carrying case

Assorted Brushes

We also carry an assortment of brushes made from natural goat hair.

These super-soft brushes are perfect for a variety of applications and are sold individually to suit your personal needs.

100% Natural Cosmetics

Handmade in Canada

  • No Animal Testing
  • No By-Products
  • No Parabens
  • No Toxic Chemicals
  • No Bismuth Oxychloride
  • No Synthetics

Truly Clean Makeup!

Why Choose Earthlab Cosmetics?

100% Natural

Earthlab Cosmetics offers talc-free, fragrance-free, dye-free, and cruelty-free Mineral Makeup. Our Loose Mineral Makeup is 100% natural and free of any additives, fillers or preservatives (even natural ones)!

No Micronization

Earthlab does not micronize our mineral bases, so there are no tiny Nano particles that absorb into the skin. Dr. Oz recently discussed Nano particles on his show. If loose minerals are not micronized they should simply set on the surface of the skin and never make it into the blood stream. Earthlab Loose Minerals are designed to set on the surface of the skin!

Improve Skin Condition

Earthlab Loose Minerals are suitable for all skin types and in independent studies have proven to improve certain types of skin conditions including acne, scars and rosacea. Earthlab Mineral Makeup has been tested and approved by licensed Estheticians and was formulated by our team of Chemists and Licensed Estheticians.

Natural Sun Protection

Earthlab Loose Mineral Makeup is made from raw pigments and other natural ingredients. These minerals give long-lasting natural coverage while allowing your skin to breathe. We avoid irritating ingredients like Talc or Bismuth Oxychloride that can clog pores and damage skin. Our Loose Mineral formulas contain all-natural aluminum free Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide and Zinc Oxide which provides a natural sun protection without irritating chemicals.

Youthful Appearance

Earthlab’s Loose Mineral Foundation is free of Mica, so it feels weightless on the skin and is not as shiny as other mineral foundations. Our Loose Mineral Foundation is suitable for all skin types. Women with mature skin find it softens their features and offers a youthful appearance.

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